Friday, April 30, 2010

Minnesota Twins Score Recaps... when will the Twins get thier first sweep?

The Minnesota Twins have had a great season, Target Field Rocks, the Twins Pitchers are doing well, and the fan suppourt has never been higher. However, the Minnesota Twins Roster is still looking for thier first series sweep. Maybe next week when the Minnesota Twins take on the Detroit Tigers things will fall our way...

Here are Twins score re-caps:

Twins vs. Royals: 2-1 Twins

Twins vs. Indians: 2-1 Twins
4/20: Twins 5-1
4/21: Twins 6-0
4/22: Indians 8-1

Twins @ Royals: 2-1 Twins
4/23: Twins 8-3
4/24: Twins 9-7
4/25: Roayls 4-3

Twins @ Tigers: Tigers 2-1
4/27: Twins 2-0
4/28: Tigers 6-11
4/29: Tigers 3-0

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twins Home at Target Field is AMAZING...

Although the Minnesota Twins will always hold the HHH Metrodome in a fond place in their hearts, Target Field is really home sweet home for the Twins. Not only does Target Field provide a great excuse to ditch work and spend a few hours in the sun, it is also a state of the art facility that can better meet the needs of Minnesota Twins Fans...

I have to admit I've become a little obsessed with Target Field and have been a Google monster when it comes to anything related to Target Field. On my latest googling adventure, I found this Target Field Blog which is AMAZING! Lots of great Target Field Pictures and it seems like the writer has some sort of inside hook-up to info... it is definitely worth a click over.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Twins Royals Series Re-cap

Twins Royals game, Joe Mauer sliding into home
The Twins post another series win at Target Field and Twins Fans feel the promise of a great season haning in the air!

4/16: Twins Win 10-3
4/17: Twins Win 6-5
4/18: Royals Win 10-5

Friday, April 16, 2010

Twins Red Sox Series Recap

The Minnesota Twins won their first home series of the 2010 Twins Season and have set the bar high for the rest of the Twins Schedule!

Monday April 12: Twins Home Opener, W 5-2
Wed. 4/14: L 3-6
Thur. 4/15: 8-0

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who needs a Dome Dog...

A friend of mine took this at the Twins Home Opener, who needs Dome Dogs when you can get this at Target Field
Go Twins Hot Dog

Minnesota Twins Home Opener goes well and Twins Season off to a great start

My boys are doing so well!! The Minnesota Twins Home Opener was a total success! Not only did Minnesota Twins fans have the most positive things to say about Target Field they also got to talk up the scoreboard... The Minnesota Twins beat the Boston Red Sox 5-2!

Yesterday the Twins had the day off, much deserved after a long road trip last week. This afternoon the Minnesota Twins will play game 2 of 3 of the Twins Red Sox Series before taking on the Kansas City Royals over the weekend.

Check out this video I found online of my Twins Husband Joe Mauer and his first home run at Target Field!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox Series overall good warm up for the Twins Home Opener

The Minnesota Twins just completed their second road trip of the 2010 Twins Season and they haven't even swung a bat at Target Field. The Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox 3 game series ended today with a 2-1 series score.

The Twins Roster took on the White Sox after spending the week in California, and despite predictions that the team would be tired and listless, my boys stepped up to the plate (literally). On Friday after long and complicated travels the Twins beat the White Sox 4-3 in extra innings. Saturday the Twins won 2-1 and Sunday after a long stretch of road games the Twins posted their second loss of the season with a 4-5 loss.

The Minnesota Twins Roster and the Twins Coaching Staff will travel home tonight to be ready for tomorrows big Twins Home Opener. If you are looking for Minnesota Twins Tickets there are still a few left, though you are going to spend big money to get them... Tomorrows Twins Home Opener starts at 3:10.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Minnesota Twins Home Opener is Just 3 Days Away...

It is finally here, after lots of anticipation, waiting and Twins Roster drama the Minnesota Twins Home Opener is a mere 2 days away!! I am so pumped!

On Monday April 12th at 3:00 the Minnesota Twins will take on the Boston Red Sox at the Twins Inaugural Home Opener at Target Field. Although lots of Minnesota Twins Fans (myself included) caught a sneak peak of Target Field at the Twins Exhibition Games nothing beats the Home Opener. For me the Twins Home Opener is the official sign that spring is here and it is time to start thinking about summer baseball games and sunshine.

I just looked up the Weather for Target Field on Monday April 12th... There are supposed to be early scattered showers and a high of 66 degrees, PERFECT to sit in the stands at Target Field. I won't be there (Twins Home Opener Tickets were way too expensive for me) but for all of you who will be there... ENJOY!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Who is pitching the Minnesota Twins Home Opener?

Minnesota Twins Roster on the pitcher's mound
The Minnesota Twins Pitching Rotation may be the 2nd most talked about issue in Twins Baseball right now (the first being Joe Mauer, forever and always Joe Mauer will be atop the Twins Buzz, at least in my mind).

Back to the issue at hand... The Minnesota Twins Pitching Rotation has been under heavy scrutiny as of late and there are several different rumors spreading as to who will win the title of Home Opener Pitcher. Although he had his worst season on the Minnesota Twins Roster just last season, Francisco Liriano will be pitching the series this weekend in Chicago against the White Sox, perhaps as a warm up to the Red Sox series? Other rumors are saying that Liriano is pitching in Chicago because the Minnesota Twins are saving other pitchers like Nick Blackburn or Jon Rauch to throw out the first pitches of the regular season at Target Field.

My guess is an official announcement will be made about the Minnesota Twins Pitching Rotation after the first game or two of the Chicago White Sox - Minnesota Twins Series

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twins Angles Series Recap: First Regular Season Twins Road Trip a success

Twins Angels Game July 2009
We may still be waiting for our own home opener, but the Minnesota Twins spent the first week of the MLB 2010 Season in the sunshine state. The Minnesota Twins played the Los Angeles Angles in a 4 game road series this week.

Monday the Minnesota Twins lost to the LA Angels 3-6 in the Angles Home Opener. Now, I would never make excuses for my boys, but I would like to point out that playing in any home opener is always more challenging because the fan excitement cheering for the home team is overwhelming... so I will give them that loss.

Tuesday the Twins turned things around winning 5-3, Wednesday the Twins won again with a 4-2 score and then Thursday they closed up the series with a 10-1 blowout win. Leaving the score at the end of the first Twins Road Trip 1-3.

The Twins have another road trip against the Chicago White Sox before coming home to play in the Target Field Home Opener on Monday. Twins Tickets are still available for both the Twins Home Opener and the Twins White Sox Series.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Minnesota Twins Schedule already has its first WIN!

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau talking to the Minnesota Twins Coaching Staff
The Minnesota Twins may not have had their own Home Opener yet, but the MLB regular season is underway and the Minnesota Twins already have a win on the books. The Twins Roster is spending the majority of this week in Los Angeles taking on the LA Angels. Monday's Twins Angels game ended in a 6-3 loss of the Minnesota Twins.

Yesterday was a whole different story... The Minnesota Twins came out swinging, literally. Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and J.J. Hardy all hit major home-runs early on helping the Minnesota Twins take the lead. But the Twins Batting wasn't the only thing that rocked last night.

Pitcher Jon Rauch "It's always nerve-wracking when you're trying to replace a guy like [Joe] Nathan," Rauch said. "Just trying to think about getting out there and getting it over with, get the three outs and get that win."

The Minnesota Twins play the Los Angeles Angels again tonight before traveling to Chicago to take on the Chicago White Sox for a 3 game series Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The White Sox Twins Series will lead right into next Monday's Minnesota Twins Home Opener at Target Field.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Target Field is better than you can imagine

Taken with my sisters Blackeberry

I had the opportunity to attend the Minnesota Twins Friday night exhibition game against the St Louis Cardinals and it was AWESOME. Yes, the Twins lost - but Target Field is better than you can imagine. I had seats in Section 116, Row 12 which were right behind the plate so I had a great view of all the action. The seats were comfortable, the stadium was amazing and the weather turned out perfectly. My only complaints were that the concourses were crowded! I am guessing that a lot of fans were out of their seats checking things out. Plus, the food lines for hot dogs and beer were ridiculous (I missed two full innings!). I am sure it is a learning curve thing.

Sitting in my seats taking it all in, I just kept thinking about what an awesome summer this is going to be - I am planning on going to as many Twins Target Field games as I can! I know I can't afford the opener, but I already bought tickets to the Twins Indians game on April 21st. That's only the third series at Target Field for the 2010 season. Of course my camera didn't work at all at the game - it needed batteries )-: so I don't have any super great pictures...yet. I will be sure to buy the extended life energizers for my next trip to Target Field. LOL!