Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twins Close in on 100 Losses

Here it is. The Minnesota Twins have two options: win their final two games of the year or reach 100 and/or 101 losses.

I should've warned you this wouldn't be pretty.

Right now the Twins, coming off a 7-3 loss against Kansas City, are sitting (or laying down) at 61-99 which is just one loss short of a coma.

The Twins have only ever had a 100-loss season in Minnesota, which took place in 1962. They came to Minnesota in 1961.

The other day I received an email from the Twins organization regarding my 2012 season ticket deposit as an On Deck Circle member. Sure, I love the Twins enough to try for season tickets again. In fact, this season was so terrible I know that next year can only be an improvement. Look at that... optimism. I never do that.

It would be nice if they lowered the prices for next year... but I guess not everyone is a poor college student. Just poor blue-color workers.

Ozzie Guillen Leaving AL Central

This is relevant to the Twins because I think Gardenhire and Guillen are actually friends in real life.

Alright Chicago. Let me tell you this: Ozzie Guillen is one crazy SOB, but he also wins games. He is temperamental and difficult to play for. He is also the only Chicago manager in the last 90 years to lead a Chicago team to a World Series title.

Out of the eight seasons as the White Sox manager, the team has held a winning record five times. Just once during those same eight seasons have the Sox lost more than 90 games.

Sure, the Sox sucked this year. So did the whole AL Central with the exception of Justin Verlander. Stuff happens. The Twins are closing in on 100 wins? You think your season is bad?

Guillen was probably one big fat migraine. The new manager probably will be less of one, but that comes at a price. The new manager is certain to be less colorful and will be lucky if he can lead the White Sox to as many wins as Guillen did.

Guillen will be taking a job with the Florida Marlins after being released from his White Sox contract.

Actually, there has been a lot of relocation to Florida... just see the AL Wildcard.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minnesota Twins Bumming Me Out

The Minnesota Twins are facing a 12-game losing streak if they don't win today.

The score is tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th and the Minnesota Twins look to be flirting with a win.

Kevin Slowey knows that feeling. The Twins went into the Mariners game with a ten game losing streak that they looked to end as Kevin Slowey started off hot. He threw a 1-2-3 first. He threw a 1-2-3 second. He threw a 1-2-3 third, and after pitching around an error and throwing a 2-3-4 fourth, he threw a 1-2-3 fifth. Five innings and the Mariners were without a hit.

The Mariners began the sixth with two outs under their belt quickly. Then Ichiro snapped Slowey's bid for a no-no with an infield single. After that, the score deficit was cut in half. Four pitches later, the game was tied. Then the game was over with the Twins on the bottom. Again.

The Twins are still bumming me out. I was hoping AL Central, AL Champs, World Series Champs... I was all in. Season ticket deposit and everything. Now I'm broke and without a winning team.

Next year? You better believe it.

Minnesota Twins Approach 100 Losses

Ron Gardenhire: 'No one ever wants to see 100 losses.' No kidding.

The Twins are slowly crawling to the end of their disastrous season. If Gardenhire had been told during spring training that his team would be closing in on 100 losses, he would have asked what we were smoking.

The Minnesota Twins only have one team in history to reach triple-digit-losses.

Another quote from Gardy, "You have to cope with them (injuries) the best you can. We haven't done a very good job of coping with all the injuries. I read earlier in the season where the Twins didn't have a Plan B. Plan B to replace the whole lineup? I don't think too many teams have that."

Touché. No worries Gardy, I still have some Twins baseball love!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jim Thome Stepping Back Into the MN Batters Box

Jim Thome will be returning to Target Field with the Indians pretty soon here and its about time you get ready.

September 16-19, the Twins will host the Indians at Target Field. With it seeming like both teams are out of contention, the game has lost its playoff excitement, but you can bet fans will still turn up to Target Field in the masses.

Why? Jim Thome. Minnesota misses the big guy and can't wait to give him a welcome back round of applause. Can't wait to tune it! I only wish I could be there!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Minnesota Twins Injury Update

Justin Morneau - worked out this morning, will only DH for the rest of the season to avoid diving.

Denard Span - Hoping to be back soon and was sprinting this morning.

Glen Perkins - Played catch this morning but isn't available to pitch yet.

Francisco Liriano - Played catch today but will likely be shut down for the rest of the year.

Liam Hendriks Expected to Start

Spots for the Minnesota Twins starting pitching rotation in 2012 are up for grabs. With the team clearly out of contention for a playoff spot, it's time for the team to look for some pitchers who can contribute for next season.

Liam Hendriks hasn't been very impressive in the minors so don't expect him to be great in the majors. Here are is how he performed in the minors.

Hendriks went 8-2 with a 2.70 ERA at Class AA New Britain and then 4-4 with a 4.56 ERA at Class AAA Rochester before getting promoted Sunday, racking up 111 strikeouts and only 21 walks in 139 1/3 innings between the two stops.

I expect him to pitch poorly but it should be fun to watch.

White Sox Sweep Twins

It's going to be a long, depressing September for the Minnesota Twins. The Minnesota Twins are in last place and the lineup does not look good at all. There is nothing worse than watching horrible September baseball, and it looks like that is what we're in for for the next month.

The Twins participated in a day-night double header and got beat in both games. They did not look good at all. The team is now 58-83. I hope they lose less than 95 games but it's looking like they're going to lose around that many games. Sad times for the Twins.