Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alexi Casilla brings the Latino Heat

In the month of May, it seems as if Alexi Casilla has found his inner confidence because as a hitter Casillia has been en fuego (That’s not copy righted by Dan Patrick, is it?).

Check out his stats for the month of May: .310 Batting Average, .375 On Base Percentage and .466 Slugging Percentage.

That being said, this isn’t the first time we have seen Casilla channel his inner Latino Heat. Casilla is notoriously known as a streaky player, both in the field and at the plate. And while I love what I am seeing from Casilla, especially in the last five games, it is very unlikely he keeps this hot streak up. Nonetheless let’s hope he can go back to his 2008 form where he batted .281.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I lived through the Marty Cordova era

I lived through the dark ages of Twins baseball. Yes, I am talking about the Marty Cordova Era. You see I was born in 1992, the last winning season the Twins would have until 2001. And while they had a winning season in 1992, for me personally I don’t recognize it because I was 1 years old and had no idea what baseball was.

Let’s fast foreword to when I am three, the age I figured out the difference between winners and losers. So it is 1995 when I am three and when I watch the Twins, all the while understanding what is going on for the first time they are absolutely sucking. From 1995 to 2000, my first five years of watching baseball I thought it was an absolute joke in Minnesota. You might not believe this now, but when I was a kid I looked at the Timberwolves in a higher respect than the Twins. But when you think about that makes sense. From 1995 to 2000 the T-Wolves made the playoffs 4 out of those five years. Meanwhile the Twins would have a combined record of 404-548 (.424 winning percentage, a worse winning percentage than their 2000 season when they went 69-93). That being said the Minnesota sports world would change in 2001 and something foreign to me occurred: The Twins were good.

In 2001 they almost made the playoff, coming in second in the AL Central Standings. All of sudden my thoughts on the Twins changed. Minnesota has a good MLB Baseball team? What the heck is going on!! And then in 2002 season another strange thing happened. Ron Gardenhire became the manager. While most Twins fans were sad to see Tom Kelly go, and were skeptical of Ron Gardenhire, I was ecstatic! As far as I was concerned it was a good thing. I wanted Tom Kelly out! Remember: I simply knew him as the guy with funny glasses that posted a five year winning percentage of .424. (Obviously my thoughts have now changed and I now hold Mr. Kelly in a high regard, but at the time I think it is understandable why I didn’t.)

In 2002, I turn 10, and just as I begin my new decade the Twins give me the greatest birthday present of all: A birth to the playoffs and a series win. I went my first ever baseball playoff games that year and boy were they fun. The A’s series which we came back from down 2-1., yeah I went to games three and four. And game four was truly electric. It was a must win game for the Twins and they played it like it was a must win game as they destroyed the A’s 11-2. Unfortunately they wound up loosing to the Angels in the ALCS , but nonetheless, two very special things came about from that season: 1. my love for the Twins. 2. My hatred towards rally monkeys

And now as I watch the Twins today I can’t help but have horrible flashbacks to the Marty Cordova era. I realize there is a three year old little chubby un-athletic St. Paul boy who is thinking the same thoughts I had when I was watching the Twins at that age. Sure people tell him Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are good, but he doesn’t believe it, just I like I didn’t believe it when people told me Tom Kelly was a good manager.

Are the Twins going through another Dark Age? Possibly, but honestly I don’t know. At least I have already lived through one Dark Age and know what to expect. I mean nothing can be worse than the Marty Cordova era. Absolutely nothing.

Remembering Killebrew

Before I begin writing this blog post I need clarify the following: the text you are about to read below is not, I repeat NOT, about selling tickets or anything like that. This post is much more important than that. This post is being made to inform those that feel inclined to pay tribute to the late great Harmon Killebrew. Now then onto to the post.

For those who wish to attend, this Thursday at 7:10 pm at Target, The Harmon Killebrew Tribute will take place. According to the Twins website the event is free and open to the public. Meaning those that wish to attend may do so.

Twins Broadcasters Dick Bremer and John Gordon will emcee the event. Speakers who are scheduled to speak at the tribute include MLB Commissioner Alan H. "Bud" Selig, National Baseball Hall of Famers Rod Carew and Paul Molitor, Twins legends Jim Kaat and Tony Oliva, and current Twins Michael Cuddyer and Justin Morneau.
The event will also include musical and video tributes in celebration of Killebrew's life.

Gates will open at 6 p.m. and seating will be general admission. Ballpark concessions will be open, and attendees will receive a commemorative program. Fans can come early to check out Killebrew's National Baseball Hall of Fame plaque. It will be on display from noon to 6:30 p.m. on Target plaza near the Killebrew statue.

In lieu of flowers Killebrew's family is requesting that fans donate to the Harmon Killebrew Family Memorial Fund; Wells Fargo Acct#3471335038; c/o Minnesota Twins; 1 Twins Way; Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twins need to get back to their roots

Well the three game winning streak, which sounds like a blast from the past, didn’t mean anything. The Twin’s went back to their loosing ways and honestly I don’t even know why anymore. I take that back I sort of know why, but I can’t point out a definitive answer when you look at all the reasons why they suck.

1. Injuries

Sure, we can say because of injuries but when you checkout the lineup they put out last night, it sounds like one they put out a year ago when they were good. I guess the good news is Mauer and Nishioka, according to reports, are nearly ready for games. Yea, I am nearly ready for the Twins to be good. I will believe when I see it.

2. Pitching and batting, but mostly pitching

Yes we stink at hitting, we rank dead last in runs and yes we stink at pitching, we ranked dead last in ERA and second to last in opponent’s batting average. And yes, when looking at those stats it makes sense why we suck. However, for as long I have watched Twins the team’s formula for success is this: pitching and defense wins games. And quite frankly the last time the Twins won a playoff series, which was in 2002, they didn’t have a single player hit more than 30 homerun, reach100 or more RBIs, and get this, have a player bat over .301 ! Can you believe that?! Hey Twins, get back to your roots of winning games 3-2, 2-1 and the occasional 4-3, instead of loosing games 8-7.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Twins are on a three game winning streak, let’s buy playoff tickets now!

If I was in 4th grade right now the words coming out of the mouth would be this. “Holly guacamole, the Twins are on a three game winning streak, they are back, and they are done loosing they are all about, duh, WINNING! (Start singing Twins song) We’re gonna win Twins we’re gonna score somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ score. Dad, lets buy playoff tickets now! No wait, scratch that, I want to go ride my bike.”

However because I am not in 4th grade, even though some say I still act like a 4th grader, my reaction is this:

Before we start going crazy like Stan Marsh after Barack Obama won the election, or like a bunch of pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert, let’s get our sport hormones in line and start thinking logically:

Its just three games! Three games against teams that aren’t even in our division. If this was against the Tigers or White Sox, then it would be a lot more important.

Again, its just three games! Not 5, not 6, not 7, or even 8, just three little games!

But in all seriousness, just like the rest of you, I also hope this three game streak is sign for better things to come.

That being said, they still haven’t cancelled out there 9 game loosing streak.

Call me when then do. Then maybe I will start acting like a 4th grader.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Put The Trees Back

Players were complaining about it all year last year. Twins players were quoted as saying the tree’s distracted them when they tried to hit. So being the understanding organization that the Twins are, this year those 14 tree’s in outfield are now gone.

Well Twins players, it seems to me like the trees of Target field helped you! Without them all of you, except for Jason Kubel and Jim Thome, have gone down in every positive batting statistic out there!

So I say, put the trees back. Maybe the nice scenery will help you guys hit and win games.

Rest in peace Harmon Killebrew

I would just like to take this time to remember the individual that Harmon Killebrew was. A genuine nice man that will always be remember, rest in piece Harmon Killebrew, you will be surely missed. But your legacy will continue to live on.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Delmon Young scheduled to be back

After last year’s breakout season Twins fans everywhere had high hopes for outfielder Delmon Young. Unfortunately, the much improved Young suffered a left oblique strain early in the season hasn’t taken a major league at bat since April 18th. Fortunately for Twins fans everywhere Young is scheduled to return this Friday when the Twins take on the Toronto Blue Jays.

If Delmon can get back to last year’s form where he drove in 112 RBI and batted .298 (which is basically .300 in my book) then it will be a much needed offensive boost for the struggling Twins.

Remember: Please don’t call them Twinkies.

With the Twins playing so poorly, this song by Minnesota native and Indie Rock Legend Craig Finn helps me get through many long nights when I watch the struggling Twins play. So I figured I should share it with you, if like me, you are feeling a little down about the Twins. No matter how bad it may get, remember please don’t call them Twinkies.


Stats to note

When you compare this year’s stats to last year’s stats at this time, it is no wonder the Minnesota Twins are playing so poorly. Just take a look

-the Twins were in last place in all of baseball with only 113 runs scored through 35 games.

-They rank 27th in baseball in batting average and rank dead last in the American League at .231.

-Their RBI total of 101 is dead last in all of baseball

-A year ago, the Twins had a 21-12 first-place record compared to the present record of 12-23.

-Last year the Twins had eight hitters batting over .250. This year, they only have two players batting over .250: Denard Span at .288 and Jason Kubel at .355

-A year ago, the pitching staff had a ERA of 3.56, this the team’s ERA is 4.76

While the old saying goes, stats don’t tell you everything, in the case of the Twins it certainly does this year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twins Future: Miguel Sano

Due to injuries the Twins stink this year. I am not saying we should pack it in and give up, it is far too early for that, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look towards the future and be excited for it.

And boy oh boy am I excited for the 16 year old phenom and Dominican Republic import Miguel Sano. The future third baseman, according to scouts is a future star and was ranked the 5th best third base prospect by MLB.com this year and he was only 16! Two years from now he will easily be the number one prospect and in the future he might even be the number one third baseman in the MLB.

So Twins Fans, while the current season might be a downer, the future is looking bright in Miguel Sano.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Next Minnesota Twins Homestand

Target FieldThe Minnesota Twins return to Target Field next week to take on the Detroit Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays. It will be another important 5 games for the Minnesota Twins as they look to gain ground in the American League Central Division.

Tue, May 10 vs Detroit 8:10 PM

Wed, May 11 vs Detroit 1:10 PM

Fri, May 13 vs Toronto 8:10 PM

Sat, May 14 vs Toronto 4:10 PM

Sun, May 15 vs Toronto 2:10 PM

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Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox

Scott BakerThe Minnesota Twins have won 2 games in a row - hey we need anything positive. They are in Boston to take on the Red Sox for a 4 game series starting tonight. This is a big series for the Minnesota Twins, they sit at 11-18 and need to start taking 3 and 4 game series. It's only May, but it's time to get the ball rolling. Scott Baker, Brian Duensing, Carl Pavano, and Francisco Liriano will take the mound. Let's go Twins!


Francisco LirianoFrancisco Liriano threw a no hitter on Tuesday night in Chicago against the White Sox in a 1-0 victory. What a great memory for him that will be. How he got his no hitter was something else. He only struck out 2 and walked 6 batters but no hitters were able to scrap together a hit. Liriano was virtually pitching for his spot in the rotation after he came in with an ERA of over 9. I am so happy for Francisco and feel like I have seen him from all the ups and downs throughout his career. Congratulations Franky, you deserve it.