Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Move over Minnesota Vikings make way for the 2010 Minnesota Twins

With the Minnesota Vikings Season now officially over (let's take a moment of silence to pause for how close we could have been!!) Twin Cities Sports Fans can now officially start preparing for the 2010 Minnesota Twins Season!

Officially the Minnesota Twins Home Opener at Target Field is on April 12th at 3:10. However, savvy Minnesota Twins Fans know that you can get a sneak peek of Target Field on April 2nd and April 3rd when the Minnesota Twins Roster takes on the St. Louis Cardinals for a MLB Exhibition Series.

Want an even earlier look at the 2010 Minnesota Twins Roster? Twins Spring Training starts on March 4th in Fort Meyers, FL with a game against Boston Red Sox, which happens to be the team that the Minnesota Twins will play for the Target Field Home Opener in April.

It may seem hard to believe that Twins Baseball could be just 36 days away, but its true and Twins Baseball in Minnesota is only 65 days away! Go Twins!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

LOVE to Love Valentines Day, Why not LOVE Minnesota Twins Tickets too

His and Hers Twins Tickets
If the red hearts and cupids have not tipped you off, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. With less than a month left until the big day lots of guys are out there looking for the perfect Valentine's Gift to give that special someone. While I'm sure that lots of girls would love to get chocolate for Valentines Day, personally the Best Valentine's Gift in my book would be Minnesota Twins Tickets...

Here is why Twins Tickets make the Best Valentine's Day Gift:
One, I don't have to work off the extra calories at the gym, leaving me more time to spend with that special someone and less resentful that he is messing up New Year's Resolution to stay fit

Two, I won't devour this gift in 5.8 seconds meaning that I can enjoy his thoughtfulness for even longer, giving him added brownie points for when he inevitably screws up

Three, This is something that we can do together, so effectively he has planned two dates with gifts for the price of one

Four, It is a gift for him too

and Five, Minnesota Twins Tickets is the 2nd best 3 little word combination on the planet!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things we have learned in the New Year, including the 20-46 Minnesota Twins Roster

I'm sure you are thinking, Wait, its only been a week since the official New Year, how could we already have learned things... but indeed, by my calculations we have learned a lot in the short time since 01/01/10.

#1) People don't know how to call this year. Is it 2,010 or is it 20-10? My vote is for 20-10, it makes more sense and when its 2,046 are people really going to want to say that, No. We are going to want to say, "and now taking the field the 20-46 Minnesota Twins"

#2) Minnesotans can put up with really cold weather. Ok, so technically we already knew that but, in just a week we have had some record (or almost record) cold snaps, if we can get through the first month of 2010 I think we will be on our way to a good year

#3) With the Home Opener of Target Field now in this calendar year, Twins Mania is ramping back up again. After we said goodbye to the Metrodome, Twins Mania slowed down... The Vikings were doing well, it was the holiday season, people weren't thinking about baseball. But with a new passion, Minnesota Twins Fans are starting to gear up over the Twins Home Opener. Minnesota Twins Tickets are being purchased at a fast pace and people are generally amped on Target Field.

#4) Minnesotans LOVE Joe Mauer, again I know we knew that but with the anticipation of his contract negotiations, Joe Mauer Love is at an all time high

#5) I don't actually have a number five, but hey... its only been a week. Stay posted Twins Fans, I will be updating this list as the year moves forward and we get closer and closer to The Minnesota Twins Home Opener 2010!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twins Roster Not Set Yet and Joe Mauer's Twins Future still uncertain...

Joe Mauer high-fiving fans at a Twins GameAfter reaching the Jan. 1 2010 mark, Minnesota Twins Fans are experiencing a double pull of emotions. On one end there is some of the biggest pre-season MN Twins Hype and Excitement there has ever been. On the other end is the anxiety and stress Minnesota Twins Fans are feeling with the unsure future of Joe Mauer, the Golden Boy of the Minnesota Twins Roster.

Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins Catcher, is not only a hometown hero, he is an asset to the Minnesota Twins Franchise. Joe Mauer is one of the most consistent and level headed catchers in the MLB, he is calm and collected and makes good decisions under pressure. While he isn't a powerhouse hitter, he has one of the best swings in the league and is fairly consistent. As a catcher he really couldn't be any better. More importantly, Joe Mauer provides leadership and motivation for the Minnesota Twins Roster. As one of the youngest players on the team, and by no means a baseball veteran, Joe Mauer has an ability to lead. In short, we (the Minnesota Twins) NEED Joe Mauer.

On opening day of the 2010 Minnesota Twins Season, Joe Mauer will be entering into the last year of his contract. As of yet, nothing has been signed or negotiated for an extension. The Minnesota Twins are known for not negotiating during the season, due to the distraction it causes. So my best guess... this thing will be decided soon. Joe Mauer's agent is known for polite, drama free negotiations that leave everyone happy. Let's just hope that is the case this time!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking forward to 2010 Minnesota Twins Season

Happy New Years Twins Fans! Its so hard to believe that it is 2010... where did the last year go? With the play-offs, saying goodbye to the Dome and contract negotiations it seems like the last two months of 2009 happened overnight. But there is no point in looking backwards, in baseball that is how you get reamed with a pop-fly.

So instead I'm going to concentrate on the best part of 2010... the 2010 Minnesota Twins Season! With the Minnesota Twins moving to Target Field, I predict that the 2010 Twins Home Opener will be the biggest in Minnesota Twins History, I already have my tickets and its just the first of the year!!

The 2010 Minnesota Twins promise to be an extremely competitive team, and with experienced players returning to the MN Twins Roster the problems last years Twins had on the road may be in the past (we can only hope!!)

So Twins Fans, Welcome to 2010 and Lets Play Ball!