Friday, May 20, 2011

Twins are on a three game winning streak, let’s buy playoff tickets now!

If I was in 4th grade right now the words coming out of the mouth would be this. “Holly guacamole, the Twins are on a three game winning streak, they are back, and they are done loosing they are all about, duh, WINNING! (Start singing Twins song) We’re gonna win Twins we’re gonna score somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ score. Dad, lets buy playoff tickets now! No wait, scratch that, I want to go ride my bike.”

However because I am not in 4th grade, even though some say I still act like a 4th grader, my reaction is this:

Before we start going crazy like Stan Marsh after Barack Obama won the election, or like a bunch of pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert, let’s get our sport hormones in line and start thinking logically:

Its just three games! Three games against teams that aren’t even in our division. If this was against the Tigers or White Sox, then it would be a lot more important.

Again, its just three games! Not 5, not 6, not 7, or even 8, just three little games!

But in all seriousness, just like the rest of you, I also hope this three game streak is sign for better things to come.

That being said, they still haven’t cancelled out there 9 game loosing streak.

Call me when then do. Then maybe I will start acting like a 4th grader.

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