Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twins need to get back to their roots

Well the three game winning streak, which sounds like a blast from the past, didn’t mean anything. The Twin’s went back to their loosing ways and honestly I don’t even know why anymore. I take that back I sort of know why, but I can’t point out a definitive answer when you look at all the reasons why they suck.

1. Injuries

Sure, we can say because of injuries but when you checkout the lineup they put out last night, it sounds like one they put out a year ago when they were good. I guess the good news is Mauer and Nishioka, according to reports, are nearly ready for games. Yea, I am nearly ready for the Twins to be good. I will believe when I see it.

2. Pitching and batting, but mostly pitching

Yes we stink at hitting, we rank dead last in runs and yes we stink at pitching, we ranked dead last in ERA and second to last in opponent’s batting average. And yes, when looking at those stats it makes sense why we suck. However, for as long I have watched Twins the team’s formula for success is this: pitching and defense wins games. And quite frankly the last time the Twins won a playoff series, which was in 2002, they didn’t have a single player hit more than 30 homerun, reach100 or more RBIs, and get this, have a player bat over .301 ! Can you believe that?! Hey Twins, get back to your roots of winning games 3-2, 2-1 and the occasional 4-3, instead of loosing games 8-7.

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