Friday, May 13, 2011

Stats to note

When you compare this year’s stats to last year’s stats at this time, it is no wonder the Minnesota Twins are playing so poorly. Just take a look

-the Twins were in last place in all of baseball with only 113 runs scored through 35 games.

-They rank 27th in baseball in batting average and rank dead last in the American League at .231.

-Their RBI total of 101 is dead last in all of baseball

-A year ago, the Twins had a 21-12 first-place record compared to the present record of 12-23.

-Last year the Twins had eight hitters batting over .250. This year, they only have two players batting over .250: Denard Span at .288 and Jason Kubel at .355

-A year ago, the pitching staff had a ERA of 3.56, this the team’s ERA is 4.76

While the old saying goes, stats don’t tell you everything, in the case of the Twins it certainly does this year.

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