Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bill Smith Admits Offseason is Critical

You better believe it when I say I'm keeping one eye on the Twins throughout this offseason. Not only that, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only fan doing so with the Twins Territory fan base being very unaccustomed to the kind of season that just ended.

Sure, fans showed up game after game, tallying over 3 million strong for a second straight season, but that patience and goodwill waivered. We, meaning Twins fans, won't be so 'Minnesota nice' come next season...

Bill Smith said in a press conference a day after the season ended that he and the front office had a lot of heavy lifting to do in the offseason. No kidding?

We are going to need our negotiation skills and knowledge of the free agent markets this offseason more than ever. Last year we made minimal changes; this year needs to be more drastic. We need to bounce back in a way that will please Twins fans and shock the AL Central.

I won't accept anything less and, after all, I am the Gold Standard.

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