Friday, July 15, 2011

I Went to the Game Last Night and

Wow! What a game. First of all, I was absolutely positive we were going to lose after the first inning. Once Liriano gets off to a Shaky start, you can pretty much count on him to be pretty bad for the rest of the game. I was partially right, he still couldn't throw a strike to save his life, but he threw enough good pitches to get himself through the game. The first four innings were god awful. The Twins kept threatening but couldn't get any timely hitting. That all changed when Danny Valencia stepped to the plate with Michael Cuddyer on first base. He hit a huge double that would give the Twins their first lead. The Twins weren't done just yet, Smelmon Young got another hit, scoring a run. Lastly, Trevor Plouffe it a two run moon shot (pictured left receiving high fives after his homer last night).

My favorite part about this? This was all done with two outs. We couldn't get a big hit the whole game, and then three people stepped up one after another. this was a game the Twins should have lost because of the shaky start they got from Liriano and because of the two errors they committed (really three, if you count that grounder Nishioka bobbled that was ruled a hit). So congrats to the Twins on a big game last night and hopefully they keep it up and can sweep the Royals.

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