Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Star Weekend Thoughts: How to Change it and How Cuddyer Did

Alright so the first part of this is going to be how to change the All Star game. Second part will be about Cuddyer. First lets start with the home run derby. I really hate the home run derby it's really boring. I've got two ways to fix it, either would be great. One way would be to have the reigning Cy Young winner actually pitch to these guys so it's not like batting practice. Another way to fix it, have the captains be forced to pick one pitcher. Pick some interesting people to spice it up. I would love to watch CC Sabathia try to beat out all the Sluggers in a home run derby, I bet he'd have a chance. Or watch little Tim Lincecum try to hit some home runs. I hate when there are just mediocre power hitters that I don't care about. Spice it up, maybe even throw Nick Punto out there for all I care. The Last thing they have to do is trim that damn roster. I was watching it last night and didn't know half the players by the 7th inning. Make the best players play and if you want it to matter, make them play the whole game. There's no reason these guys can't play a whole game, it's baseball, not football.

Cuddyer, I loved seeing you out there, but you are not an all star. Cuddyer was an all star because they had to pick someone to be on the team, and he was the best of the worst. This devalues an All Star appearance. Who cares if Joe Mauer has made 10 all star appearances because everyone makes all star teams in baseball. There were 84 players named to the all star teams this year. Only ten guys can be on the field at once... this is ridiculous.

Michael Cuddyer wasn't too bad out there though. He played a solid first base, and he flew out on the first pitch he saw. Clearly he was a little nervous and I don't blame him. Hopefully Mauer and Morneau are healthy and productive next year so we can watch them in the All Star Game.

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