Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joe Mauer Takes Grounders at First Base, It's About Time!

Joe Mauer took grounders at first base yesterday and Ron Gardenhire was right next to him the whole time giving the 3 time batting champion advice.

With injuries to Delmon Young and Justin Morneau, there is a big hole at first base. Cuddyer is needed in the outfield because Span and Young are injured, leaving Luke Hughes to play first base. No one is asking Mauer to become a full time first baseman, but with so many injuries on this team, they can't afford to have his bat out of the line up, which is why Gardenhire has suggested that he play some first base so that he can avoid the rigors of catching, while still being able to stay in the line up.

Message to Mauer: The Twins are paying you 180 millions dollars. You are the face of this franchise and this team. If you don't sacrifice for the better of the team, than who will. You're not a great public speaker so lead by example. You need to be tough and show that you'll do whatever it takes to win because this team desperately needs you not to take off days right now with your mysterious injuries. An injured Joe Mauer is better than most substitutions Gardy is going to be able to put out there.

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