Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twins Roster Not Set Yet and Joe Mauer's Twins Future still uncertain...

Joe Mauer high-fiving fans at a Twins GameAfter reaching the Jan. 1 2010 mark, Minnesota Twins Fans are experiencing a double pull of emotions. On one end there is some of the biggest pre-season MN Twins Hype and Excitement there has ever been. On the other end is the anxiety and stress Minnesota Twins Fans are feeling with the unsure future of Joe Mauer, the Golden Boy of the Minnesota Twins Roster.

Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins Catcher, is not only a hometown hero, he is an asset to the Minnesota Twins Franchise. Joe Mauer is one of the most consistent and level headed catchers in the MLB, he is calm and collected and makes good decisions under pressure. While he isn't a powerhouse hitter, he has one of the best swings in the league and is fairly consistent. As a catcher he really couldn't be any better. More importantly, Joe Mauer provides leadership and motivation for the Minnesota Twins Roster. As one of the youngest players on the team, and by no means a baseball veteran, Joe Mauer has an ability to lead. In short, we (the Minnesota Twins) NEED Joe Mauer.

On opening day of the 2010 Minnesota Twins Season, Joe Mauer will be entering into the last year of his contract. As of yet, nothing has been signed or negotiated for an extension. The Minnesota Twins are known for not negotiating during the season, due to the distraction it causes. So my best guess... this thing will be decided soon. Joe Mauer's agent is known for polite, drama free negotiations that leave everyone happy. Let's just hope that is the case this time!

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