Monday, March 25, 2013

Target Field Section 103 Field Box

Target Field Section 103 is part of the Field Box Section of brand new Target Field. The view from Target Field Section 103 is awesome. You have full view of the large scoreboard and a great chance at catching a foul ball. Minnesota Twins Tickets in section 103 are affordable and offer great field views. Located along the first baseline, every baseball fan is directly facing the huge, big screen, scoreboard that informs the crowd of the game score, who is batting, the statistics of the batter, and much more. All of the action is right in front of you and it's fun to sit on the Twins dugout side. Target Field offers plenty of concessions and stores throughout the stadium. A person can get anything from kettle corn at Angie’s Kettle Corn to a steak sandwich at Murray’s Steak Sandwich. Angie’s Kettle Corn is from North Mankato and is available throughout the Target Field stadium. Murray’s steak sandwiches are from Murray’s Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis. Murray’s steak sandwiches are available at all of the Mill City Grill locations throughout the Target Field stadium including the stand outside of Section 105, right near Field Box 103!

Target Field Minneapolis

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