Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are the New York Yankees For Sale?

The news appears to be all over baseball. I found it here.

Are the Steinbrenners really considering relinquishing their dynasty in terms of Yankee ownership? Are the Steinbrenners really thinking about selling the New York Yankees?

The Los Angeles Dodgers sold for $2.175b this spring, sold to the 'Magic Johnson Group'. Experts compare the potential sale of the Bronx Bombers to the April sale, only to state the Yankees would likely be worth a whopping $3b.

Those same experts state it might be bad business to not sell the Yankees. The family purchased the team back in 1973 for a $8.8m. Is ignoring profit of potentially over $2.9 billion bad business? Or should the dynasty stay?

The legends of the Yankees are in decline. With Mariano Rivera's freak knee injury and Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter in the twilight of their careers, the Yankees are old. The age of the team might not be as critical if other teams in the AL East weren't getting younger... but they are. The Rays and the Orioles are giving the East a run this year, despite the division being dominated by the Yankees for years.

The Steinbrenners have denied any potential transaction.

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