Friday, April 13, 2012

M&M Boys Own the Night

Mauer started the rally last night, or in the words of Ryan Doumit, woke the sleeping dragon. Mauer hit his first homer at Target Field since August 18, 2010 when he yanked a 0-1 cut fastball 260 feet down the right field line.

Then Morneau put the Twins up 8-7 with a two-run shot into the upper deck in right center.

Before the M&M Boys came up clutch... they were opposite of clutch. The crowd of over 30,000 was full of grumbles when the boys failed twice to bring in runners from third when the Twins were down by 5.

The home runs hit by the M&M Boys were the kinds of home runs the Twins never got last season. The Twins hit the third fewest HRs in the majors with only 103.

The Twins are two games under .500 and have a team earned-run average of 5.65. However, the lineup boasted by the hometown team should prove to be deep and powerful.

Here's to hoping the Twins pull out a win over Texas today... then we will really have something to write home about.

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