Friday, February 3, 2012

Prince Fielder is a Worry for Twins

A shiver fell over Twins Territory as the Detroit Tigers signed Prince Fielder. While Fielder will bring the recognition to the AL Central that it deserves, the Twins do need to be worried.

Though I think the Tigers overpaid for Fielder, I am concerned about him hitting the ball all over our pretty Target Field. We will have to face Fielder 20 times this season and we need to be scared, in a respectful way.

Prince Fielder hits a ton, but isn't the most fleet a foot, which benefits us if we can get a strong outfield in the game, every game. The Twins have played in 38 games against Fielder. In those games, Fielder is hitting .261 and has 8 home runs and 14 extra base hits.

Fielder will be a decent addition for the Tigers, but it helps that they paid so much for him. He may or may not be a difference maker in the Motor City, but either way the Twins should keep him in their radar. Just to be safe.

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