Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twins in For Another Rough One

Looks like the Minnesota Twins will be sifting through the free agent leftovers. But, hey, that's alright - we had a great year last year and can handle dumping great players (Joe Nathan) and getting poor players in return.


We need a starter. Mark Buehrle was picked up by the Marlins, C.J. Wilson by the Angels... who remains? Edwin Jackson and a bunch of veterans who are short on career longevity, which doesn't really work when you are in a rebuilding year anyway. What is the point of rebuilding when you'll just have to completely remodel next year?

I liked C.J. Wilson. We needed to try harder for him. I know Terry Ryan is trying to cut the budget, but right now we should be focused on not cutting wins. After all, last year we almost hit 100. Don't have a short memory, Twins fans. I'm still bitter.

It has been a weak year for the free agent class, meaning the Twins aren't likely to trade for a starter. Teams just aren't willing to do it and, when they are, they demand quality prospects in return. Of which the Twins have little.

Are we in for another rough year? Probably.

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