Friday, June 17, 2011

Twins Players Feel Like it's '06

Twins players have been talking about how feels like 06 because of the hot streak they're on and the confidence they are playing with. I hate to say it, but that team had ridiculous talent at the front of the rotation with Francisco Liriano (who was pitching out of his mind) and Johan Santana. This team does have the same scrappy feel to it as that 06 team.

I really think this team can compete for the playoffs. No one in the AL Central is strong and the team is really starting to hit its stride. The only team I'm a little worried about is the Detroit Tigers. They have talent at the front of their rotation with Scherzer, Verlander, and Porcello, but I don't think their line up is very good at all. The Twins lineup is going to be really good once everyone comes back, especially if Ben Revere continues to see some time in left field. With a little luck they'll be find because Detroit is going to have to stumble a little bit for this team to have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. Thankfully the division is really weak this year, but if the Twins don't make it, it's obvious that the very slow start is to blame.

In other news, Joe Mauer is playing today! That should give the Twins a nice boost. Hopefully he has his legs back under him and the Twins can continue this hot streak with him behind the plate.

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