Monday, November 15, 2010

Justin Morneau Upset About Target Field

Justin MorneauLast week, Minnesota Twins 1st baseman Justin Morneau voiced his concerns and frustrations with Target Field's dimensions. It is a tough ballpark to hit home runs at. Morneau stated “Right-center to left-center is ridiculous." He then went on to state, “You start to develop bad habits as a hitter when you feel like you can only pull the ball to hit it over the fence. You take those habits on the road.’’

The Twins record at home last season was 53-28 in 2010, the best in the American League. The team decided to not change Target Field's dimensions. The Minnesota Twins president, Dave St. Peter, pointed to that fact in defending the decision to retain Target Field’s dimensions. The Twins hit 52 home runs at Target Field and hit 91 on the road.

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