Friday, October 22, 2010

Minnesota Twins Top Prospects

Kyle GibsonThe Minnesota Twins have a philosophy that stresses promoting from within. Many of the Twins players have come up through the Minnesota Twins minor league system. That being said, here is my rankings of the Minnesota Twins top prospects going into next season.

1- Kyle Gibson - starting pitcher that rose through the ranks to AAA in his first season.
2-Aaron Hicks - enormous potential, if he develops power he is a 5 tool prospect with speed, a good arm, good fielding, and good eye at the plate
3- Miguel Sano - very young but his upside is unlimited. could be the future shortstop for the Twins in 5 years (he's 16!)
4- Ben Revere - speedy outfielder has a knack for finding a way to get on base. unfortunately lacks power but he could play well at his niche - fielding, hitting for average, and stealing bases. tasted the big leagues this season for the Twins
5- Max Kepler-Rozycki - I'm really high on this kid. He's from Germany and has the look of a big league player. He's still very young and I hope someday can be a main contributor from the outfield. He held his own in rookie ball.

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