Friday, September 24, 2010

Pick Your Poison: New York Yankees or Tampa Bay Rays

Minnesota TwinsThe Minnesota Twins will play either the New York Yankees or Tampa Bay Rays (barring a crazy collapse and Boston Red Sox streak) in the first round of the AL playoffs. They will most likely face the Wild Card Winner, or, whoever finishes 2nd in the AL East. So, as a Twins fan, who would you rather face? The Bombers have dominated the Twins in the past (last 2 playoff exits came from them and we are 3-16 in our last 19 against them) and the Rays have a Cy Young candidate and speedy line up. Both teams are talented and experienced. As Twins fans, we just have to see how it plays out since we can't control who will finish where. However, I like our chances just as much as anyone else's, whether we play the Bombers or the Rays. e

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  1. I am hoping we will play the Tampa Bay Rays - I just don't know if there is enough magic at Target Field to break the Yankees curse on us! Go Twins!