Monday, August 16, 2010

Tough but Correct Decision: Pulling Kevin Slowey From a No-Hitter

Kevin SloweyOn Sunday afternoon, starting pitcher Kevin Slowey completed 7 innings without a hit. After the 7th, Ron Gardenhire pulled him in favor for the bullpen. Relief pitcher Jon Rauch gave up back to back doubles and Matt Capps surrendered one hit so there would be no no-hitter at Target Field on Sunday. I can't blame the fans that were at the game - but there were pretty loud boos throughout Target Field.

I agree with Gardy and here's why: Kevin Slowey had pitched 106 pitches. He was coming off of elbow tendinitis and missed his last start. Keeping him healthy will be important for the Twins run down the stretch. If he stayed in the 8th or 9th and surrendered a hit, would it have been worth it? It's all hypothetical but at the end of the day I trust Gardy. He knows when to control his players and keep them fresh. Hopefully Twins fans can see that too. As someone once said, "Twins baseball, is very good baseball."

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