Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minnesota Twins First Half Analysis of the 2010 Season

Delmon Young swingingThe 2010 MLB season is officially halfway. The Minnesota Twins currently sit at 46-42 and 3rd place in the AL Central Division. The expectations are high and as fans we expect them to outright win the division with their potent lineup. Here is the positives and negatives of the first half of the season.

-Target Field, already one of the best ballparks in the game.
-Delmon Young is batting .305, 10 home runs, 58 rbi. On pace for career season.
-Justin Morneau batting .345, 18 home runs, 56 rbi, and has played spectacular defense. Potential MVP candidate.
-Carl Pavano is 10-6, with a 3.58 ERA, and 13 quality starts. And has a sweet mustache.
-Jon Rauch with 20 saves. Didn't have to make for a trade and the Twins have only lost twice when going into the 9th leading.
-Jim Thome & 10 home runs. Gives the Minnesota Twins a true DH.

-Joe Mauer with .293 and 4 home runs. I know he's human but he's capable of more.
-Scott Baker, Nick Blackburn, and Kevin Slowey. All have a over a 4.00 ERA and have struggled to get into late innings.
-Michael Cuddyer hitting .267. Will be key for 2nd half surge.
-Hitting into double plays. The Minnesota Twins lead the league in grounding into double plays. Enough Said

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  1. wish we could've gotten cliff lee. hopefully we can land haren or oswalt. i just dont see how baker, blackburn, and slowey can keep it together to get us even IN the postseason