Friday, June 4, 2010

Valencia Makes Major League Debut

Danny Valencia, the likely third basemen of the future for the Minnesota Twins, made his Major League debut last night against the Seattle Mariners. In his first at bat, he singled and ended the night 1-3. When he arrived at his locker, a jersey was waiting for him there but it was the number 79 since the veterens decided to pull a prank him. Luckily his number 19 jersey arrived just before the game. Valencia is going to be sent down right after the next series in Oakland while Michael Cuddyer is at his father in laws funeral. Valencia has been doing okay as he has batted close to .300 this season, but he is yet to hit a home run. He hit 15 home runs last year so the power is there, but he just hasn't hit one yet. It's important to monitor his progress since he is likely the 3rd basemen of the future for the Twins.


  1. I really like Danny Valencia - he is from Miami, Florida so I have been calling him Danny Miami!