Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joe Mauer is the focus on the Minnesota Twins Spring Training

Joe Mauer on the field
The Twin Cities should be used to will he or won't he contract negotiations by now. After enduring an entire summer of speculation about Brett Farve and his potential spot on the Minnesota Vikings Roster, it should not be surprising that almost all of the chatter surrounding the Minnesota Twins Spring Training is centered on Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins Golden Boy... and the one player that everyone wants to stay.

Joe Mauer is not only a hometown favorite for Minnesota Twins fans, nor is he just a pretty face (though female Twins Fans don't seem to mind his "assets"). Joe Mauer is the current MVP in the American League and is a 3-time Batting Champion. And if you listen to the rumors he could be one of the highest paid Baseball Players.

Supposedly if Mauer agrees to stay with the Minnesota Twins, he is looking at an 8 year $200 million dollar contract. If he goes in the Free Agent Direction, the likely bidders for his skill will be the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, reports are saying that he could earn up to $30 million a season with either team (dropping that into a per month basis, Mauer would be looking at a $5 million pay check every month of the baseball season... not to bad for a 26 year old).

To his credit, Joe Mauer is letting his agent do the talking and is focusing on the baseball. Mauer told reporters, while he was irritated answering questions over and over again about his contract he understood that the public wants to know. For the time being however, Joe Mauer is operating on a No News until I have News basis... Good For You Joe, keep your business private!

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