Monday, December 7, 2009

Twins Apparel makes for Great Holiday Gifts!

MN Twins Scrub Pants
MN Twins Hat
Twins Country Hoodie
MN Twins Jersey
On my quest to make others' holiday shopping for me easy, I have made my wish list very short this year... I want Twins Tickets and Twins Apparel. The Minnesota Twins Tickets part should be very easy... go online, type in Twins Tickets and click BUY!

Now as anyone knows, when other people buy you clothes, all be it with the best intentions, it often turns out looking like something that Aunt Erma knitted and less like something that you would actually wear. Therefore, I'm making it really easy.. know someone who wants Twins Gear? These are the pictures of my fave Twins T-shirts and Twins Apparel

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