Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Minnesota Twins hope to retain Joe Mauer

J Mauer at a press conference Although nothing is official yet, there are talks from both the Minnesota Twins Camp and Joe Mauer's people that both parties will be sitting down before the end of the year to work on a contract extension that will keep The Minnesota Twin's hometown boy around for a few more seasons.

The 2010 Minnesota Twins Season is the last of Joe Mauer's 4 year contract, he is set to earn $12.5 Million this season. Reps are saying that he will earn much more if he extends his contract, but no exact numbers have been thrown around yet. Cynics say that nothing exact has been laid out because the Twins are worried about Joe Mauer eating up too much of the salary cap, but I am one Minnesota Twins Optimist that would like to believe Joe Mauer will always be a MN Twin at heart :)

Here is to hoping Twins Fans!

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